Our Difference

  1. Our People, Your Strength

    Few lawyers have the extensive trial and litigation experience that our firm possesses. Fewer still couple their experience with the attention to detail and customized service that Mussio Goodman has become known for. Our team of dedicated legal professionals are focused on obtaining fair compensation for our clients as expeditiously as possible. Let us take the stress out of your will dispute.

  2. Our Approach

    Going to court, especially over family matters, can be a stressful experience. We understand that most clients wish to avoid these circumstances, which is why we place great value in the mediation process with the objective to reach a settlement outside of court. The estate litigation lawyers at Mussio Goodman value the importance of developing a custom legal strategy to fit your needs because wills are unique, as are the people they affect.

  3. No Fees Unless We Succeed

    Protecting your rights is priceless, but disputing a will doesn’t have to be a financially intimidating process. Client satisfaction is important to us, which is why we work on contingency fee arrangements. This means that you do not pay any fees unless there is a recovery in your favour, and we carry all the expenses over the course of the claim.

  4. Don’t Settle For Less

    With over 20 years of practice in estate litigation, Mussio Goodman’s experience and understanding of the law can prove to be the difference maker you need when disputing a will. Don’t settle for less by going alone.

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