Wes Mussio is Featured in Canadian Lawyer Magazine

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Wes Mussio Goodman lawyer featured in national magazine publication, Canadian Lawyer Magazine

With the introduction of a restrictive no-fault system by ICBC for accidents on or after April 1, 2019, if ICBC has their way and categorizes most claims as “minor injuries”, ICBC will be able to avoid paying much of any compensation to injured victims involved in car crashes.

The level of compensation available to victims will impede the ability of victims to retain a lawyer to help him/her deal with ICBC and the Civil Resolution Tribunal. Judging from public statements by David Eby, the Attorney General, one of the purposes of the NDP’s legislative changes is to reduce lawyer involvement in ICBC files which, in turn, means reducing access to justice for victims of car crashes.

The of clear consequences of these changes is a lot less legal work which will almost certainly create extensive layoffs across the industry, whether it be lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, receptionists, clerks, etc. This article discusses the impact of ICBC’s new no-fault system on the legal community.

You can read the article here: Insurance Cap Article