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Thomas O’Mahony


Tom is an experienced litigator, winning cases for his clients at every level of court in British Columbia. He practices in a variety of areas, successfully prosecuting claims for personal injury, wills variation, product liability, and property damage amongst others.

In his estate and family practice, he understands the personal nature of familial conflict, and makes sure to protect his vulnerable clients’ rights at law.

While many of Tom’s successful cases can be found on the Mussio Goodman blog, below is a list of his recent results:

Mak v Blackman, 2022 BCSC 931, Client awarded $445K, more than double the pre-trial best offer.

Montazamipoor v Park, 2022 BCSC 140, Client awarded $750K after she rejected $60K pre-trial offer.

Tompkins v. Meisters, 2021 BCSC 2080, Client awarded ~$710K after future care calculated.

Gill v Borutski, 2021 BCSC 554, Client awarded $729,457.13 in a complex case involving psychiatric injuries.

Morgan v Ziggiotti, 2021 BCSC 106, Client awarded $753,726, more than 5 times what ICBC offered prior to trial.

McColl v. Sullivan, 2021 BCCA 181, McColl v Sullivan, 2021 BCSC 2246, opposing counsel’s argument that future income loss be calculated using female multipliers simply because the Plaintiff is female was declined by Appeal Court; judgment sent back to trial judge for clarification, award upheld.

Cox v Acapulco, 2020 BCSC 1135, Client awarded $281,209.22, more than 5 times what ICBC offered prior to trial.

McColl v Sullivan, 2020 BCSC 137, Client was awarded $2.2 million after a two week trial and after an appeal.

Webber v Sullivan, 2019 BCSC 1522, Clients received a share of their parent’s estate after being unfairly cut out of the will.